Dreamers Academy resumes activity with the return of its players

Dreamers academy announces that it`ll return to its activities gradually. After the ministry of youth and sports puts its final thought to come back for its clubs, unions and youth centers according to the decision of the state. The working date will be on Thursday 2\7\2020 inside El Masa hotel branch in Naser city and [...]

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An entertainment day sponsered by Dreamers

In order to support and share children in all activities and different skills. Dreamers football academy sponsored the fun day that done by Heliopolis international school. Based on the vision and strategy that followed by the member in Dreamers academy that building a successful player must be comprehensive of all psychological, physical and health aspect [...]

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A year to go

The academy will organize a ceremony to mark the one-year anniversary of the opening of the academy, next Saturday 12/11/2019, in the celebration hall of the Egyptian Red Crescent Club, and the ceremony starts at four pm , and all players, their families, friends and loved ones are invited to attend this ceremony and participatin [...]

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Welcome all players and parents at Dreamers Football Academy in its first branch in the Egyptian Red Crescent Club stadium, Nasr City, Makram Ebeid Street next to Al-Eman Mosque, on Saturdays from 5: 8 pm  Monday and Wednesday from 6:9 pm  

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