About The Academy..:

Our Target..:

To improve the technical , skillful , physical and psychological level of the beginners through an integrated  “American Program”  which is executed by a special experienced management council with the help of an elite professional trainers ( technical manager , technical trainers , weights planner , goal keeper trainer ) .

We all help to achieve your goal with the cooperation of our  team  work  ( physiotherapist , psychiatrist , nutrition physician , media coordinator , administrative coordinator , public relations officer ) .

Why we choose the American System..:

Thy Academy de pends on the American system with the cooperation of the management council the coaches and our team work coordinating with the parents individually or through regular meetings to Improve the technical and psychological sides of the players.
We follow our players In side and outside the academy to change his lifestyle to be qualified to become a professional player.
Estimate the performance of the beginners in a scientific way.
The Academy has contracted with ( kora Stats ) to estimate the players Performance in a scientific , reliable and effective way which is shown to many local , national and international clubs to be qualified to become a professional player.


1- The academy participates in the Academies league under the supervision of the academies and FIFA , like Ramadan league and The Academies league …… etc.

2- The academy holds scheduled friendly matches with other academies  , clubs and youth centers.

3- The academy participates under the name of a club or a youth  center in sectors league which FIFA organizes.

4- The academy arranges regular meetings or emergency meetings with the parents and all the staff of the academy to discuss the agenda and suggestions to develop its work.

5- The academy and its staff celebrates with the players and their families the different occasions  (New years Eve , Spring festivals , Annual anniversary of the academy …..)  as a whole family.

6- The academy holds camps inside and outside Cairo to improve the players in all fields.

7- The academy provides teachers in all subjects to revise  for the players who need help during the training.