Dreamers academy announces that it`ll return to its activities gradually. After the ministry of youth and sports puts its final thought to come back for its clubs, unions and youth centers according to the decision of the state. The working date will be on Thursday 2\7\2020 inside El Masa hotel branch in Naser city and the work will be started in Red crescent branching next August.

Dreamers Academy puts its precautionary plan which accept with the world health organizations protocols and the Egyptian ministry of health protocol in how to adapt with Covid 19. The plan will be:

The complete follow up with sterilization process by sterilization the playground and cleaning up all the tools that used periodically and continuously also during the break.

2- Provide protection tools in every parts across the playground for team, parents and workers in dreamers academy.

3-ALL the players are checked by thermal instrument to make sure that they are healthy.

4-Inside the playground space should be between all the players to prevent epidemic.

5-Players must wear their uniform at home and sterilizing the locker room.

6-Everyplayer should take their own sports that includes their towel and their bottles

7-Players should be not wear the face mask durining training as it prevents breathing.

8-Using technology as an alternative to meetings with parents as a whole to reduce classers

9-Leaving the playground immediately.

10-Displaying posters inside the playground to show the correct way to wash and disinfuse hands to limit the spirit of Covid 19.

11- Players should be follow up by the health and nutrition of the Academy and give them the necessary instructions, food and preventive drinks against Covid 19 . Also the manager of academy captain ( Abd Elrahaman Mansour) decide to change the technical plan.

de to change the technical plan. It`ll divide team and players according to the current conditions. From the other side he`ll be focus on psychological rehabilitation of players through its psychologist.

The administration put strict precaution to guarantee safety as the first aim in the academy is to keep their players healthy.