About The Academy:

Our Target: To improve the technical , skillful , physical and psychological level of the beginners through an integrated  “American Program”  which is executed by a special experienced management council with the help of an elite professional trainers ( technical manager , technical trainers , weights planner , goal keeper trainer ) .

We all help to achieve your goal with the cooperation of our  team  work  ( physiotherapist , psychiatrist , nutrition physician , media coordinator , administrative coordinator , public relations officer ) .

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The newest victories

When the 2010 team won Egypt Petroleum in the previous match, it wins against Helwan Sports Club 3/0 in the Contractors Stadium, and this is the third win in a row .


An elegance team work

The American system depends on training, which is based on its implementation by a board of directors with a special experience and a group of professional trainers (technical director – technical trainers – load planers – a goalkeeper trainer), who helps them to achieve this goal. An assistant team consisting of (sports injuries doctor – nutritionist _ psychiatrist) _ Administrative Coordinator _ Information Officer _ Public Relations Officer)

The Superstar of the week

The player Seif Mohamed .

One of the best players in the 2009 team , this player is very good in the goal, and he has great speeds on the playground, and he is considered one of the most special players in the head strokes.

Measuring players’ performance

D.F.A is working to discover and develop sports talent correctly, so the Academy contracted with the (korastates) institute This is to measure the performance of the players in a reliable and effective scientific way, and through it the grade of the player’s performance is displayed on many local, regional and international clubs, which qualify him for professionalism.

Caring for girls

Believing in the importance of playing sports for girls just like boys, and that there are special sports talents for women in all games.

The Academy has prepared training programs that suitable for girls while maintaining mutual respect with children in a special educational and sporting framework.
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The sportsmanship

adherence to sporting ethics, the athlete must respect the rights of others, treat with love, be honest, respect the laws, accept rulers decisions, not to harm others, help the opponent to get up, shake hands with hands after the game, keep calm no matter to be provocative, avoid resolving the problems by force, accept defeat and congratulate the winner on every sportsmanship.

Cuddling an integrated psychological nutritional meal

It is a need no less than food and drink for our children, as cuddling encourages the secretion of hormones of happiness that help balance the nervous system and relieve stress.

Cuddling satisfies many needs such as love, acceptance, interest, forgiveness, contentment, hope, containment, joy, renewable energy and physical and psychological warmth.

Cuddling is a relationship of giving, giving, and reciprocal messages between parents and children.

Do not deprive your children of your arms.

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